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Honeyveda Beyond Honey


Honey is a symbol of purity, nature and good health. In many cultures, it is considered as a good omen and the peculiar sweet taste adds to its eternal charm. The goodness associated with honey and the uniqueness of HoneyVeda’s naturally ripened products make for an ideal gifting option.

Honeyveda Beyond Honey

Usually, selecting a unique gift is an uphill task. A certain set of gifts become popular trends but then become stereotypical and generic with passing time. But, honey is a gifting option that can never go out of trend, courtesy of its cultural and biological significance.

Moreover, naturally ripened honey is undeniably a gift that can grace every occasion. Its purity makes it an ideal wedding present for attendees, its sweetness reflects the bonds shared by friends and family, honey signifies trust so it can be an ideal corporate gifting option, and it can be consumed by practically everyone.

The added advantage is that pure honey, no matter from which flora, provides great health benefits and enriches life in general. If you are exploring a gifting option that has a distinct charm, our raw honey is certainly the end to your quest!




    Our society, in general, has very less knowledge about honey bees and the natural process of honey production. That’s precisely the reason why people perceive processed honey as pure honey and are oblivious about the great importance of our dear friends, honey bees.

    Honeyveda Beyond Honey

    To spread awareness and to help students explore the world of honey bees, HoneyVeda offers insightful and informative student workshops. At these workshops, the role of honey bees in this large eco-system and complex food-chain can be clearly understood. In the course, children can learn about the origins of the food itself.

    We take students on a tour across the honey fields, bee colonies and the beekeeping process where they can see the nectar to honey in front of their eyes. We encourage students to practice a bit of the on-field skills to help them get a look and feel of the harvesting procedure.

    This is an attempt by HoneyVeda is not just to educate the society about honey and bees, but also to help the kids comprehend a great process that feeds life on earth!

    Schools, colleges, small groups, playgroups, social groups etc. are all welcome to visit us and help children develop a deep connection with honey bees.



      If you have gone to a remote village to harvest honey, pack your bags and come back to the city, because honey can be harvested in concrete jungles too!

      Honeyveda Beyond Honey

      You might argue that the best honey is produced in a large scale only in the villages and forest areas. That’s true and it is so because the bees get abundant flora in such places. But that doesn’t mean urban landscapes cannot be good places to harvest honey.

      Harvesting honey only needs flora, honey bees and a bit of human skill. Explore your city and if you feel that there’s enough florae to setup bee colonies and that you can render the right care to the honey bees.

      Connect with us to learn the most effective beekeeping skills, get the right accessories and equipments to maintain a level of safety for the bees and for yourself, and learn to upscale your hobby into a passion.

      By taking up urban beekeeping, you indirectly help in the reproduction of more and more trees, fruits and flowers that eventually make your city greener, cleaner and healthier. It is also another spur to higher production of pure, unadulterated honey!

      Feel an urban beekeeper lurking inside you?